Yesterday Zane and Faith came in from the garden and Zane was chomping on a raw zucchini. “Daddy want zucchini?” he offered as he munched on a green mouthful. Don’t let the question mark fool you, that was a demand. Later, I was trying to make travel arrangements: juggling flight times, car rental times, time to travel, bus schedules, etc.. and Zane decided it was time for a daddy intercession. “Uh, hold on buddy, I really have to figure this out.” But he kept finding new toys to bring over and put on my lap or laptop, while other people popped up on iChat with urgent work questions. It was like a psychological test to see if daddy could keep it together.

Eventually I managed to make the reservations and we settled down together, side-by-side on the couch to watch the end of Finding Nemo for the 60th time. The fun part now is that Zane makes observations and comments about the movie. “Another big whale!”, “Nemo is sad”, “Two boats in the water.” It just fills your heart with joy to see how much he’s grown and understands about the world around him, the names and purposes of objects, and even subtle emotions. It’s like, how’d he get to be so smart, so fast? I was telling him about the trip and the Aunts and Uncles he’ll be seeing and he replied with, “Want to see Aunt JJ?”, “Go see Uncle Chris?” At one point in a store yesterday he started pointing at random people and asking, “Is that Uncle Chris?”