Z's Towing Service

Not sure what’s up with the look I caught in this photo since normally he provides residential towing service with a smile. Zane hopped on his car last night and then reached over the front to grab the wagon of blocks and hook it up like this. I thought it was a pretty clever little setup.

Lots of tooth action these days. Good grief, poor little fella can’t get a break. Just as the left side (your right) First Molar mostly finished breaking through the two canines in front have started emerging. One of the dads who’s son is a couple weeks younger (and only has 8 teeth) said that it’s probably better to get them all over with at once. Ha, easy to say if you are sleeping the whole night through!

A nice benefit of these teeth, of course, is that he can chew and bite things. This morning he’s been wandering around with his own personal apple, gnawing little gnibbles out of it. He doesn’t have any concept of cleanliness, which means that after a gnibble he’ll most likely drop the apple on the floor only to pick it up a few minutes later for another fuzzy bite.

Oh, and Zane has a nemesis. A little boy (2-3 yrs old) at the playground was giving him the evil eye Friday as Zane approached. Zane tried to use the faux steering wheel, but the kid wasn’t having any of that, blocking him with his body. Zane moved on. Later Zane got within three or four feet again and this time the kid walked up and bonked him in the chest, knocking Zane down. A little bit later I caught some of the older kids experimenting with stepping on Zane’s hands as he tried to climb on the gym’s bridge. Rough crowd, playtime is a lot more serious than I remembered it.

Not all kids are so rough. A high school kid let Zane try taking some shots with his basketball. Zane’s still confusing basketball with fishing, abiding by the catch-and-release technique of ball handling. I think anything that keeps the baby moving around and engaged is a good sport.