My new zPod

The pause button doesn’t work!

The volume and track select don’t function much better …

Thanks Barry, for the gift of the ipodmybaby shirt.

Speaking of Barry and iPods: I took a little iPod boom-box to the birthing pavilion and had it shuffling through classical music during labor and the following day. Barry had lent a Bernard Herrmann CD to listen to, which ended up being classified as classical music. You may remember Mr. Herrmann as the composer of Alfred Hitchcock movie scores, among others. We’d be listening to a nice Yo Yo Ma track only to be jolted out of our family reverie by the strains of Psycho. Classic indeed!

I put the camera in elapsed mode to take a photo every ten seconds and then tried to get my little zPod and I into a clever pose. Probably would have been easier if I didn’t try this using 6am light, zipped my fly, bathed, shaved, and combed my hair. Zane only wanted to get back to snoozing.

Here are some of the out-takes.

zPod outtakes