Zoomy McZoomerson

Our little action baby in action. I brought him into work yesterday after we voted and he ran from office to office, playing with all of the electronic gear (motorized faders are a favorite) and trying his best to hit the power or reset button on everyone’s computer. He’s been doing a lot of running and there’s also a kind of hop-jump thing when he’s really excited.

At Sunday’s Halloween party there was a five month old and it was remarkable to remember back to Zane being so little. It doesn’t seem that long ago. Providing an age contrast in the other direction our buddy Tyler turned six yesterday: Happy Birthday! Zane hits the magical 18 month mark in a little over a week. I say magical because it seems like clothing, toys, warnings, etc.. list 18 months as one of the major milestones, followed by 3 years old (i.e. almost every toy says 3 years and older). We got out Tyler’s old three wheeler (in the background) but Zane needs a few more inches before he’ll reach the pedals, although he has been trying like crazy to figure it out.