Zoomy McZane

Zoomy McZane

Another of the great hand-me-downs from Tyler/Janet/Paul. The plastic wheels are a little noisy on the road, but since we don’t have any grass and they are even noisier on ice this was good enough for a mid-March outing. Zane sat and took it all in and then later, when popped onto my shoulders, he kept looking back and giggling at his car. Maybe it’s the blue eyes?

Last night I had a dream that Zane’s top teeth had come in. I’ve also had dreams where he’s talked to me, so they aren’t a totally reliable barometer. Still, it seemed very real and danged if I won’t sneak a peek at his gums when he’s awake.

I’ve been sick for over a week and hoping beyond hope that I don’t pass it on to Faith or Zane. Last night I was particularly groggy while watching Zane, just kind of phlegmy and hovering mindlessly while he played at one of the stand-up toys. At one point he leaned backwards a bit and just stood there: straight up, unassisted, and unwavering for about five seconds before leaning forward and grabbing on again. Woke me right up.

Earlier I had him on the floor practicing his crawling and asked Faith, “Do you think other babies complain this much about not crawling?” After which he up-chucked a dollop of dinner. We should probably put a little sticky-note on Zane whenever we feed him beets. That way when things come out, from either end, we don’t have a panicked moment of horror.

Baby and Dad