Zombies Among Us

In between zipping around like a maniac and walking like a zombie, Zane has been changing constantly. Watching him each day I’m struck by how he wasn’t like this the day before. It’s like a long waking up process, where new parts of his “system” get woken up or turned on every couple days (or hours). Lately he’s been playing ball, sometimes rolling it across the floor to me and other times tossing it up in the air… in no particular direction. Lots of taking things apart and then putting them back together, usually in a different order. Instead of pulling all of the books off the shelf onto the floor and then wallowing on them he pulls them off one at a time, reads for a bit, pulls off another one, repeat… and then maybe wallows.

Last night we walked from the house all of the way down the driveway, across the road and almost across the neighbors stone wall only holding hands. We were holding just one hand, which as of last week he was having a really hard time doing for more than a few feet. Faith’s been working on it and along with his unassisted walking practice he seems to have developed the skill and confidence to do it for an extended time. This is great news for me since hunching over to hold both of his hands is hard on the back and pretty much out of the question for long walks.

And, most surprisingly, he seems to understand most things we say. He may not agree with or heed a bit of it, but at least we’ve got a channel of communications established.