Our very first ripe tomato of the season and young son #1 picked it and ate it. He started off trying to pick the green tomatoes on the deck. I pointed out that we generally eat red tomatoes, like the one that was almost ripe over in the garden. Well, that’s all the encouragement he needed and his night’s mission was to get that tomato. He ate a third of it (with some fraction squirted onto his shirt) and that was that, no more interest. I grilled up T-bones last night and some potato chunks, while Faith cooked some zucchini/onion/fennel. All very tasty. At one point in the meal Zane started wolfing down steak, including the fat. Faith tried to get some veggies in, to even things out or whatever, and I was like “are you crazy? he’s eating lots of meat! protein! fat!”