Zip Zing Zowie!

Sometimes Zane seems to walk just for the sake of walking. I found his squeaky shoes yesterday (they’d made it to the bottom of a pile in the car) and thought it might be fun to see how he likes them now that he walks full time. Squeak, Squeak, Squeak all the live long day. He had the biggest smile on his face while tromping around in squeakers. I’m pretty sure neither Faith or I would be smiling after a five or ten non-stop minutes of it but they were good for short-term entertainment.

Even without the shoes he’ll happily stomp around the room just to feel the world beneath his feet. On Saturday Zane and I went to a farmer’s market where he walked the whole time, sometimes with his Dad’s hand and sometimes in free-for-all baby navigation mode. The things he gets distracted by… Later we went to town and played on the jungle gym, then walked the block or so to the swing. After swinging, and splashing hands in the nearby fountain, we walked over to a little “downtown” area near two restaurants. Zane fell into step behind an elderly couple out for dinner and would have followed them right to their table if I hadn’t pulled him out of line. Still, he persisted. Guiding him another direction worked for a few seconds before he would turn around and head back into the restaurant. I had to pick him up and relocate him thirty feet away before the magnetism of dinner diminished.

But that wasn’t the end of it. We walked around the little square for a while and eventually he headed resolutely towards the restaurant. At this point I started thinking about calling Faith and asking her out. Zane and I walked into the restaurant, made a few laps around the foyer and bar before I guided him back outside (complaining). Oh, and if you are trying to picture all of this be sure to add a beautiful fall leaf, stem firmly clasped in Zane’s left hand. I’d given it to him near the swing-set and he carried it proudly for the next half hour.