Zaney and the Girls

One of the dynamics I’ve noticed is that little girls like helping and playing with Zane. They’ll volunteer to push him on the swing, help him climb, and when there’s a bunch of them playing they let him join in on the fun: essentially a group adoption. Monday was a day off at school but there was still a gang of kids at the playground (I think it was a spring break “camp”). Some girls were standing on the handrails of the bridge when Zane decided to walk across, under their legs. That turned into something that all of the girls (and one boy) decided was fun and pretty soon Zane had a half dozen kid tunnel to walk through. At one point the girls leaned over to have him walk through their hair, except every one of them ended up getting their heads bonked. Here’s a short movie of the action.

Eventually, as these things often do, it devolved into a pile of giggling girls on the bridge with Zane in the middle, beaming. The girls saying, “He’s so cute!” while he let loose with his best roar.