Zane's Desk Job

Zane and I picked up this little desk on one of our trips to the dump. There’s a section where people put things they don’t really want to throw away, like skiis and kids toys, and this was sitting there in all of its primary color glory. There’s a pencil crayon tray and the top lifts up to reveal a reverse side that’s sort of an inverse peg-board. No idea what it’s for.

After we got home from a walk yesterday afternoon Zane took the fall leaves I’d given him (one red, one yellow) and put them inside his desk. He was very proud. Heck, I was very proud! With a little effort he even gets up on the seat all by himself now. The desk now contains leaves, hammer, a funny looking doll, and one plastic geometric shape; biology, shop, social studies, and math.

Zane’s been having a tough time of it the past few days and nights. The mosquito bite is from Wednesday night mommy’s group outing. He’s been suffering through a small cold with sniffles and scattered coughing. All that on top of that monster teeth continue to forcefully excavate their way through gums.