Zaneing around

Zippy Zane and his utter zoominess, if you know what I mean.

There’s been a little train set on the upper shelf for the longest time and Zane has been pining for it big time lately. It, like so many things, says 3 years and up so we figure he can play with it anytime one us are around to make sure he doesn’t consume the wheels or whatever it is that a 3 year old wouldn’t do. Since he can’t exactly tell us when he’d like to play with it (exclaiming woooaaaooooaaaaooooaaaahhh next to a bunch of toys isn’t the best hint) he’s started taking matters in his own hands. Or feet.

Zane has started climbing.

He started months ago with little forays onto strollers, his and other kid’s, and then moving up to climbing his high chair to reach things on the table. A while back I made the mistake of setting a little kids table next to an area surrounded by a child gate and only just managed to catch him on the table and trying to inch over the top of the gate. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when he started climbing the cube shelving to get at the trains. Luckily he doesn’t have the upper body strength to pull off a sheer vertical ascent…yet.

But not yet with this kid is only good for a few weeks. Our very own extreme baby is just around the corner.