Zane Wants

Our days are regularly punctuated with the statement, “Zane wants…” Turns out Zane wants lots of stuff and when that phrase doesn’t work he tries the ol’ “5 more minutes” on us. The other day he was looking at the picture of his cousin Dana and after a few minutes of the mental wheels turning he started talking about his Grandma and Grandpa coming up and cousin Dana coming soon and even threw in a “Ben’s birthday party?” for good measure.

But he’s pretty much reached the stage that he wants everything he sees (except the meal in front of him). He wants to crawl in and play with the plumbing gear while Dad is trying to install a new tub. He wants to touch frogs even though every, single time one is presented to him for touching he runs away squealing, and yet cries for more frog touching once it is taken back to the pond. He wants to be sprayed with water. He wants the iPad. He wants a bath (instead of bed). He wants dessert (instead of the meal). And so on. I’ve tried my own “Daddy wants Zane to eat another bite” but the request washes over and around him like a faint breeze.

If you can keep him focused for a bit he’s a great little helper. He’ll put away his toys. Pick up the books in his room. Even do a little gardening, in his own special way. He found two worms last night and was playing with them. Later (dinner, take 2) I asked about the worms.

“There were two worms!” he said, proudly.

“Did they say anything?” I ask.

“They cried…” he lamented.

“Really? Did you let them go?”

“Uh huh. Worms happy.”

Below is the scene in Zane’s room yesterday. The funny thing was that the door opened and out he went. Hmm, I thought, did his Mom open the door and I didn’t see her? I called up and sure enough. Zane was yelling, “I’M ALL DONE!” and Faith just happened to open the door as he was turning the knob.