Zane Walks

I mentioned a few days ago that Zane walks a little but doesn’t really consider it a viable transportation option.

That was until yesterday.

Zane and I were playing in his room while his mom worked in the garden. I’d hang blocks from his crib and put them on a footrest, all at a height optimal for standing. He started walking back and forth between the two. Then he walked across the room to his dresser (to open/close the drawers: another favorite). Faith came by and I told her, “Your baby is walking now.” At which point he demonstrated some crawling and falling and giggling… no walking.

Then we went to the family room where he started walking even more. At one point he was hungry and I suggested we go upstairs and get his bottle. After I opened the door he walked the eight feet from couch to doorway. His grandma Phil was on iChat later on and I started a video conference so she could watch him walk across the room a dozen times. “Hey, I should record this!” I suddenly remembered, signing off from mom and setting up the laptop to record via the built in camera. The video is below.

After all of this walking I took Zane to show his mom and he still didn’t walk, not even a little. So this video is going to be the first time she really sees him walking a long distance.