Zane the Engineer

Zane has been showing more and more interest in trucks and cars and things that make those kinds of noises. Whenever there’s a vehicle in one of his books, no matter how small, he’ll do the sound effect for truck. And over the last week he’s been spending more “intricate” time with his little trains. They have magnets for coupling and he’ll while away the evening hooking them together and pulling them apart. There was even a fully assembled track that he played with and DIDN’T pull apart for over two hours.

Last night I went out to the garage and pulled out a couple of Tyler’s old toys: a three-wheeler and a big dump truck with an articulated scoop-arm (not found on most dump trucks, but kind of handy if you have a bunch of trains to scoop up). Between crawling on and off the trike and working on the dump truck Zane was in heaven. I tried to explain the pedals a couple of times, putting his feet on them, but they are a little out of reach as is the whole concept of using them. He was having such a blast with the dump truck that when it came time for bed (and changing a seriously stinky diaper) he wrestled me the whole way upstairs. He also used his new complaining sound: which is a cross between donald duck, choking, and a dinosaur roar.

But the real fun came during his bedtime snack. First, for reference, I will direct you to this classic photo of Zane at his Grandparents destroying block castles. To date he’s been all about destroying and hasn’t tried building anything with them. Little did we know it was simply a matter of material. Here’s a movie of Zane with blocks of honey dew melon.

p.s. we just got the new iLife ’09 which came with tons of groovy movie effects