Zane's Very Own

It seems to me that over the past week Zane’s vocabulary has really taken off. He’s constructing full, complicated sentences that aren’t merely parroting of what others have said. Some of the grammar comes out funny (ha, mine STILL does) and he often refers to himself in the third person as in, “Where is Zane’s very own iPad?” and his dialog about Zane being in search of fireflies in yesterday’s video. He’ll often refer to himself in a sentence as “you” and the other person as “me” but I think that’s understandable since it is how our sentences are constructed when we talk to him.

His potty training continues to “stick” for want of a better word. On our whole vacation, with a long drive down and back, he never had any accidents and always went to the potty when he needed to. I don’t remember when the last time he woke up with a wet diaper was, so we’ll probably be switching to big boy underwear overnight soon. I find the whole thing totally fascinating since it just seemed to happen without any discussion.