Zane's Big Day

While Zane may have enjoyed the zoo and the dinosaurs we saw on the other days I think the best day was visiting the American History museum. Almost the first thing you see is a really old train and Zane loves trains, and of course we took a bunch of metro trains to get there. From there he got to see and touch all kinds of trucks, cars, trains, and busses. They even had an old trolley car from Chicago that he got to crawl around inside. He sat or stood on the chair and as others came in he’d direct their gaze to all of the interesting things he’d seen, a little tour guide.

They also had a couple hands-on kid centers, with science and invention themes. One of them had an under 5 section which he spent at least a half hour in. At one point I tried to move him/us on to a new section, but he headed right back. So, as an experiment, I transported him a long ways away, inside the room for another display and he was able to navigate back in no time.

After all of that you’d think he’d go right down for a nap, right? Wrong.