Zane-O, Snooze-O

After a day of feeling and doing better he got the fever back yesterday afternoon and last night. Poor little pickle, no fun at all. This morning I woke with him at 4am and he needed to go potty, his fever was gone and he seemed quite lucid considering the hour. Took care of business, changed some clothes “I was all sweaty!” and then back to bed again. He was up a few other times in the night, but it’s 9am and he’s just starting to stir.

His last day of ski lessons is this Saturday. Hopefully, A) he’ll be well enough to go, and B) the big storm coming this way doesn’t result in a cancelation. He seems to be having a lot of fun, but it’s always difficult to gauge these things. I think his real hope was to be able to use the ski lift, but they didn’t get past trying to turn and stop this season. I suspect he doesn’t really see the benefit of stopping yet, crashing into things is way more interesting.