Zane-o McTooterson

Toy 'n' Snuggle

Zane on the tipping point between playing with his toy and falling back asleep. Falling back to sleep almost always wins.

It was tough getting him to sleep last night though. Laura and I changed his room all around, which musta thrown off his delicate sense of Feng Shui. That and the night light was casting huge, spooky green shadows with the crib in its new position.

Or, it might have been because he hadn’t really pooped all day. The books say, “babies may sometimes process all of their food for growing and thus not require regular defecation for short periods” or something delicate like that. All I know is it’s kind of like putting a time bomb to bed: no false moves, tippy toes, and whatever you do don’t pat him on the belly!

Faith says he woke up three hours later, ate, and then she had to hold his arms and legs down to get him to fall back to sleep.

All of which set us up this morning for a HUGE explosion. Feeding him at six and there was a grimace and a toot. Laura comes up, makes smiley faces at him: grimace and super toot. Dad squeezes Zanes hands, grimace and explosive toot. This went on for a couple of minutes, all the while he was drinking from his bottle.

Wisely, we decided this much tooting called for an early morning bath. Afterwards we dressed in his street clothes, put him on the “office” bed with his crazy plastic toy, and off to sleep he went.

Fifteen minutes later he woke up, refreshed and ready for round two of his morning constitootional