Zane, In Profile

As you can see with enough of lunch and/or dinner spread on them the eyebrows start to take on definition.

Zane is becoming a bit of a two year old, if you know what I mean. More and more he knows what he wants to do and don’t you dare try to help/guide/stop him. Should things not be going his way he’ll vocalize disapproval in a growing variety of cries, chirps, gestures, and sometimes even a scream. Watching Faith try to get his diaper changed in the morning you suddenly realize why they invented restraining straps.

On the other hand when Zane’s not stubbornly exercising his free will he is a real blast! Or, as Uncle Chris would say, a real hoot!

And now for something completely different (below): Zane being goofy! Ok, that’s not very unusual or rare. He likes to pull the seat off of this car and either sit in it (butt sunken into the “trunk”) or stand in it. Not content with pushing the bounds of his parent’s rules he’s moved on to challenging the planet’s gravitational laws.