Zane has Sprung

Maybe it’s the warmer weather we’ve been having. Maybe it was the two long hikes we took this weekend. Maybe it was the piles of grilled salmon he wolfed down Sunday night. Whatever the cause Zane was a three thousand mile an hour kid yesterday. Sharp wit, boundless energy, beaming, and mostly happy (not counting a few typical, almost-three-year-old, incidents).

Sunday night while I was grilling the salmon and potatoes he kept escaping the house. This despite a locked sliding door and locked screen. He’s figured them both out and now has enough strength to slide the door open as well. We’ll need to put new sub-locks on all of the doors. Yesterday Faith and Zane swung by the office and he immediately started blasting around the place. Laughing, playing with people’s computers, throwing Raz’s ball around (pictured), and pretty much jumping all of the time. After I got home from work and Faith’s piano student arrived, I let Zane out of his room (no nap, just reading and resting) and it was like unleashing the tasmanian devil. Zoooooooom… up and down the hall, crashing into things, laughing, messing with the dog, going in to tease the piano student, climbing everything, non-stop.

So off we went to the playground. It was a mommies night and we were early, but no problem since the playground was packed with kids. Zane’s latest thing is to go up to ANY kids who are playing (no matter what age) and go “what is that?” and try to join in on the fun. This includes the high school girls and boys playing tennis, the slacker boys playing basketball, and anyone with bubbles. He also attempts to climb any idle carriage: examining their components, taking a rest break. We spent over an hour running around, playing with his friends, and getting into everything. At one point he walked up to the father of a large collection of kids and said, “what is that?” to the two bags of animal crackers the man had. He gave Zane one and when he wolfed it down the father proceeded to fill his pocket with more. After that Zane wandered around with a pocket full of crackers, dispensing them to his friends and anyone else he met on the playground.

Shortly afterwards Zane and I walked to the center of town, accompanied by him saying “what IS that?” most of the way, and went out to eat at Three Tomatoes. He sat on a booster seat, behaved like a little gentleman, ate lots of garlic/olive oil dipped bread, drew with crayons, shared a meal with me, and then we were off on another adventure! Which, as it turned out, was right back to the same playground for another half hour or more. Went home, sat on the potty for a while (playing with paperclips), a long bath (at one point he was cooking cupcakes which looked a lot like a little plastic lid), a couple of books and that was that. phew

Also, as a bonus, Zane has gone #2 on the potty two more times in the last couple of days, both for his mommy. He walks around proudly sporting potty stickers on his shirt: two for poopies, one for pee, and one or two for sitting. He looks like a little General Patton of the Potty.

Remember the picture I posted last Friday? I’d also sent a copy to our local paper and they put in into the Sunday paper.