Zane Digs Dirt! (and ice cream)

A package arrived in the mail yesterday. We didn’t open it, because we knew what would happen if it was opened at the wrong time: a pandora’s box for the resident 2.5 year old.

But first, a little history regarding the package. You’ve certainly read about us checking out a certain video from the library and a certain young man completely obsessing over it from that point on. Even after we took it back to the library it took another three days to “erase” his memory of it and have him stop asking for it every few seconds. So it was with mixed feelings when I came back to my computer the other day to find the following message in iChat from Grandpa Henricksen:

I DIG DIRT is in the mail. Should receive soon. Gotta go.

To which I replied, in my best Luke-Skywalker-finding-out-Darth-Vader-is-his-dad voice:


So only after dinner was consumed and Zane was properly loaded with ice cream and chocolate syrup did we reveal his surprise package. He reached inside, got it part of the way out, saw the back of the package and loudly announced: I DIG DIRT!

Well, that’s funny, it’s almost as if he read it. Naw. And then he proceeded to read it out loud or, if not, at least do the best fake reading I’ve ever seen. But judge for yourself in today’s video.

And, despite my anguished cries to the contrary, thanks for the video Grandma and Grandpa Henricksen!