Zane and the Wyomingites

Zane and Aunt Laura Zane with Grandma Phil and his Dad

Zane’s Grandma and Aunt Laura are out to see him for a couple of weeks (that and go leaf peeping). It wasn’t until four days after they arrived, and mostly at their prompting, that I thought of taking photos. Laura took the photo of Mom and I…sort of. She had a bit of a problem getting me to keep my eyes open (hey, I’m tired!) and when they were open Mom’s weren’t (Zane is a professional model by now). I finally ended up cutting Mom’s head out of one picture and pasting it into this one.

We weighed Zane yesterday and came in at 14.2 lbs. He ate very well all week and was bound to put on some weight. I’m also wondering if his arms haven’t grown longer too. When I change his diaper now I have to fight off his hands. I don’t remember them being able to reach his butt before.

Still no sign of teeth, but he is such a chewing, drooly monster that they can’t be far away. He chews everything and loves nothing more than to have a hand stray within range so he can nibble someone else’s fingers.

p.s. it looks like Zane didn’t get the Knapp nose!