Zane and the Really Big Book

Zane and I had a busy Saturday. After a big breakfast we went on a dump run, then walked around Home Depot for perhaps an hour (video below), a quick run to *mart for diapers, and then almost an hour zipping around Borders. This time I smartened up and started him off in the back corner where the kids books live, otherwise it would have taken forever to work our way there. He immediately headed for the truck books with plastic wheels, like he always does, checking each one out and dropping it on the floor to grab another.

At one point he grabbed a truck book and walked around the whole store while carrying it. Since exercise is exercise, no matter which book aisle you’re in, I just followed him and warded off potential disasters (hey, what if I pull all of these off the shelf?) and kept him from getting tangled in passing legs. In one section of the store we ran into a pile of sale books, huge books, including this Baby Animals by Patrick Hook. It’s 2 foot tall by 18 inches wide and has pages and pages of full sized photos. Twenty bucks. I figured at the very least I could cut the full sized photos out and put them up as posters in his room (later, Faith recoiled at the idea, “isn’t that sacrilege?”).

After a huge lunch (he’s been eating like a little pig) and a short nap we then headed off to the CCB and went swimming. Despite his growing appetite he’s still just a little pink toothpick without a bit of fat, which means he cools down and gets the shivers in no time at all. We swam around and he experimented with kicking his legs and flapping his arms.

Back home for a big dinner he must have wolfed down a half cup of peas alone, along with lots of other food, including dad’s pizza. Then it was time for playing in the family room. Aunt Laura came on video iChat so he capered around and made sound effects for her. Before bed he ate a big bowl of yogurt and berries and then he finally fell asleep at nine, at which point I collapsed into a senseless heap.

Here’s a long video from our Home Depot adventure. I’ll have you notice that he is very conscientious about closing and putting things away. Not to get our hopes up or anything, but he did manage to walk right by the mailbox section without a single peep or hand wave.