Zane again ...

Zane by Window

We are into day 3 of the ongoing hostage situation, with the two captives (who somehow knowingly walked into this situation) scrambling about almost non-stop in order to meet the inexplicable and undecipherable demands of their captor. When contacted by authorities one of the hostages was reported as saying:

Lactation, lactation! Poop-ees, pee-ees! Cold, hot, up, down … what?! Coo, coo, little zaner.

Expert code breakers are trying to decipher the message as we speak. Stay tuned for updates as we get them.

Zane and Faith were released from the birthing pavilion at DHMC Thursday night around eight. The Doctor, Faith, and I all cast a silent vote for if we felt it was time to leave or not. When revealed the voting came out 2 for staying, 1 for leaving, with Faith casting the sole leaving vote. The DHMC staff then got in on the voting with a “yes, but the insurance probably won’t pay for another day.” At that point the two stay votes changed sides and it was unanimously time to leave.

First night was, well, memorable. The past two days came crashing down, the preparation and organization we’d been doing seemed completely foreign, and there was this little wordless dictator sending us hither and yon to do his bidding throughout the night. But he’s so cute, how can you say no?

There was a lactation consultant appointment at DHMC yesterday for the three of us: our first get-organized-and-leave-the-house-with-baby affair. This whole pregnancy/baby thing has nicely illustrated that we aren’t much more than machines of hidden chemical processes, and not-so-hidden bodily fluids and functions. This rings especially true after an hour long visit discussing and practicing lactation with a stranger.

We did ok with the trip and visit but there’s this thing that happened to the time and a one and a half hour event consumed four hours with the feeling of very little being accomplished. “We made it back home and everyone is alive!” seems to be enough for now.

Faith was pretty beat and ripped up from the birth and is trying to nurse herself back to health while tending to Zane. I do all the things a dad can do, but the whole thing would be much easier if both of us were lactating.

Zane is opening his eyes more now and seems to be following shapes and lights. He flashed the greatest ear-to-ear smile last night when I was holding him. Faith said it was probably only a gas smile.

Then again, what is a smile but chemicals and electrical impulses.