Za Dora Explora Zombie

Zane’s not a TV guy at all but Dora and her Monkey came on the screen and he was suddenly smitten. “They are telling me things! Repeating them. I love it when they repeat things.” he would surely say if he wasn’t a zombie already.

At least he has good posture.

I am sensing a free-standing baby any day now. I’ve been starting to let go when he’s using me for balance and each time he stays upright a little longer. A few times yesterday I saw him let go of the couch. He’d stand for a few moments before sinking down to a crawl or reaching out for balance. He doesn’t even seem to notice, like standing is sneaking up on him.

He’s recently discovered that splashing in the tub is great fun, which led me to deduce that he wouldn’t mind a shower as much as his first one. He was only a few months old then and pretty much freaked out. This morning we took a quick shower (somewhat imperative after he moosed his hair with breakfast oatmeal) and other than a little blinking at the beginning he was smiling through it all.