You Don't Mess With The Z ...

… unless you are gravity, in which case you’ll probably win.

We were all hanging in the family room last night: mom reading, dad ‘putering, and Zane doing the danger baby thing. Actually he was only a foot off the ground, kneeling on the toy case fiddling with something. A few minutes later kaboom! Near as I can tell one knee slipped off the edge and he kind of fell, spun, flipped onto the floor below and bonk his head on the floor. That would have probably been ok except for somewhere along the way he hit a cutout from one of the little wooden puzzles, scraping his face at the corner of his mouth and an inch further away. He didn’t cry much even though there was a fair bit of blood seeping out. You can see part of the wound in the photo below. The first photo is before the accident when all he had was chapped skin around his mouth.

He was a little fussy and burpy(?) around bedtime and I jokingly said, “uh, oh, I think I’ll sleep downstairs!” Which I should have totally done since he woke up around 1:30 and didn’t fall back asleep until after 3. I comforted him part of that time and for the most part he merely seemed awake and wanting company. We read books. When a book was done he’d push it away and motion for me to get another one. Credit and thanks goes to Faith who spent the most time comforting him.