You are what you wear...

Gobble, Gobble

Not shown in either photo is the Turkey sewn into the chest area with real, 3D action feet! Yes, the feet dangle off the front of the pajamas.

We think Zane’s going through another growth spurt as his appetite has been much improved, both for milk and solids. He weighed over seventeen and a half pounds (dressed) on Thursday when Faith weighed him at the Women’s Resource Center.

Let’s see, other items of note. Faith is pretty sure he’s using sign language when she feeds him. He had a long belly time the other night and, although slow, he managed to move a few feet across and around the rug. No teeth, but he’s making chewing motions a lot and has started showing interest in binkies for the first time. And, after a fair bit of floundering, he’s back to his normal sleep and feeding schedule.

And now, back to Turkey lips…

Turkey Lips