Zane and I engaging in a battle of “no, you!” last night during dinner. Earlier we went on an adventure to the wilds of local furniture stores. While I looked at dressers he tried out sofas and chairs. At the second furniture store he tried dismantling things. I think kids can sense non-parents, kind of like dogs sense fear/non-dog owners, and then do their best to amplify the situation. It was obvious the gal wanted to be uninterrupted while delivering her sales pitch but, really, who wants to be “sold” furniture? She even tried to use Zane in the pitch; him eventually inheriting the dresser being ample reason for the over $1,000 price!

On the other hand I really enjoy taking Zane to these places. He has lots of fun, sees new things and gets exercise. Not wanting to socialize or dicker I can chase him around instead.