Yard Boy

Zane always wants to help me out with mowing and sometimes I’ll let him for a little while. I work the pedals and try to keep us from mowing something we shouldn’t. He doesn’t want any help, pushing away my hands and I try to keep him from plowing into the swing set or guide him towards some grass that actually needs to be cut. As an experiment the last time I mostly just let him be and while there was a little bit of grass that got cut (I was about 90% done) for the most part we just drove around the yard in a quasi-random fashion. While he seemed to have some pattern to his passes, worrying about optimizing the amount of grass being cut wasn’t part of the equation.

There’s a pile of dirt by the pond which is one of his favorite places to just hang out. Sometimes he’ll shovel, sometimes he’ll bring over a dump truck, but mostly he just plays. The other day I asked him to shovel some of the pile into a hole around the pump, thinking he’d jump at the chance. After about 20 minutes of sprinkling handfuls of dirt he asked me to help.

The chicks are getting bigger and had their first two outings outside. Right away they started eating things, pretty much everything. Slugs, dandelions, grass, bark, sand, chicken poop (no shortage of that), and any unfortunate bug which tried to scamper by. Yesterday I setup a little fenced in area using a wire fence with 2×4 holes in it. Even though the chickens look bigger than that they zipped through as if it wasn’t there.

A friend said we could have their old chicken coop and yesterday was the big moving day. It’s one of the stranger things that I’ve driven around town, that’s for sure. Needs some patching and cleaning up. There’s also a roof that goes with it, which I’ll try to get once we figure out where the coop goes.