World in Motion

After dinner last night we headed to the sandbox and it took over an hour to reach it. First we ran around the backyard, throwing balls for Raz, and looking at daddy’s car (old, neglected project). Then we went for a “hike” in our woods, which involved lots of exclamations from the kid: “ouch!”, “trip on branches!”, “where’s Raz?” and so on. Then to the front yard and the swing. A quick attempt at a walk, which ended about 100 feet from our house, on the side of the road, Raz staring at the neighbor’s goat while Zane played with a patch of dirt. Back to the yard and a few minutes of playing with sand before that became boring and we all moved inside for snacks, bath, and bed.

Zane got “poop truck” number three yesterday! He chose the cement truck this time, but then immediately started hounding everyone for the dump truck. Basically he sits on the potty and starts with “Zane wants dump truck?” to which you might say, “How do you get the truck?” which he answers with “Pleeeeaase???” and you reply, “Very nice, but in this case they are for pooping on the potty”, to which he responds with “Want dump truck?” and you counter, “Have you pooped?” and after a pause he says “Want dump truck?” using a different voice and then you slowly, irrevocably lose your mind and he uses your body as a step stool to retrieve the truck.

Or at least that’s how it feels. Don’t take my word for it, here’s a long movie clip of our little actor doing his very best to GET THAT TRUCK!