Witness the power...

… of this fully operational THREE YEAR OLD!

And here you thought they were talking about the Death Star in Star Wars but in actuality the first script simply called for unleashing a swarm of three year olds to take out the rebel alliance.

The past couple of nights Zane kept getting up and wanting something else (snuggle, sandwich, movie, montshire, potty, water) instead of going to bed. The one thing those two days had in common was I’d been able to get him to nap in the afternoon, being a holiday and all. So yesterday we skipped the nap fully expecting a tired kid by bed time. We are kind of naive like that. Come eight, after his bath, he had so much energy I was worried he’d escape Earth’s gravity. Faith gave him a bath and I was downstairs in my office. All of sudden there was a flurry of sound and motion and the room was filled with a naked kid zipping around like a loose clock mainspring. He likes to come down to “dry off” in the furnace room after a bath, but truth be told I think he merely enjoys running around sans clothes. Why we don’t live on a tropical island still escapes me.