With Mirrors


Zane’s always liked peeking into the bathroom mirrors. There’s a couple small mirrors around his crib which have seen hours of baby use as well. I’d prop the cloth mirror on the side of his crib before heading to work and then when he woke up later that morning I could watch him over the webcam talking and playing with the other baby in the mirror. There’s a mirror on his fish-mobile rig, but that doesn’t see as much use, at least not as much as crinkle fish, the fish with crinkly fins. And even crinkle fish sees less time than the canvas and velcro tabs used to secure it to the mobile. Zane’s not a binky baby, but he does love him some toy and clothing tags.

The blur on the right is the back of Zane’s head. What you are seeing is a photograph of the reflection and, of course, the camera that took it, which is kind of strange if you stop to think about all of the paths of light involved.