Winter Sports

After our big storm Zane and I got our skis and walked down the road to ski on the snowmobile trails, but even though a day had passed they had yet to groom the trails and I didn’t feel like breaking two feet of trail through the woods. So we turned to the next best thing: snowbanks! The snow was mostly packed and there was more than plenty of it to make a trail across the top, up and down the road.

A panoramic view of the trail parking lot where the town dumps its snow, taken from on top of the snow pile (you can see our snowshoe tracks on the far right).

After running errands we ate our lunch and watched dump trucks file in one after the other, dump snow, and then a very large front loader would scoop it up and push the snow up the hills. By the time they were done for the day the hills were about twenty feet high and thirty feet across at the top.

We had picked up a set of snowshoes for Zane on sale at LL Beans (Winter being over in marketing land).

We hit the trails and soon found that the trail we wanted to go on hadn’t been broken yet, so away we went, super slow, breaking trail. He got kind of tired, confessing that he likes hiking but sometimes it wears him down. Still, he took a turn at trying to break trail and we managed 2 miles of snowshoeing.

Afterwards, suddenly rejuvenated, he had tons of energy to climb and play on the giant snow piles!

Here’s a movie of Raz moving through the deep snow and Zane breaking trail, part of which is in slow-motion.