Winter, New Hampshire style...

There’s a chance of a Nor’easter coming our way on Tuesday. Hopefully it’ll go south of us, but our roof has had a few too many storms already and it was time to clear off the two feet or more of impacted/icy snow. Faith said she hadn’t had a workout all day, so after I got things setup and cleared off the roof cap, up she went!

I offered to take Zane up. He was so excited and stunned that he wasn’t quite sure what to do. Eventually he headed up, but once he hit the 3/4 way point he wanted to turn around. A better hat, a bit of self-reassuring and he was back to try again.

Once on top it was like a kid in a candy shop, of sorts. “Whoa!” was said many, many times, as in “Whoa, I can see the chimney!” “Whoa, we should have a snowball fight”. Eventually he suggested a snowman so I made a quick, little one with the materials at hand and gave it a commanding spot … on the chimney.