Winter Bug, Take II

Staring downZane’s got another Winter bug. He seemed a little warm when I got home from work and by bedtime it was up to 102 (in one ear, the other ear was 101). He also developed a cough at approximately 2am the night before that seems to go off every half hour or so (ask me how I know!). We spent most of the evening with Zane laying on my chest, watching Word World episodes. After I eased him into pajamas he didn’t want a snack, didn’t want to read books, just wanted to snuggle into my shoulder and drift off. Once put into the crib and handed the rabbit he rolled onto his side and was out like a light.

One of the baby group moms is seven months pregnant and Faith has volunteered to help watch their son (Zane’s age) when the time comes. Yesterday they had a practice sleep-over that went mostly well (playing, lunch anyways) until they reached the sleeping part and she was left trying to figure out how to get two little boys to go to sleep, one of whom she hasn’t spent much time with and has certainly never tried to put down for a nap. Probably didn’t help that Zane was cooking up a fever as it devolved into a very loud and fussy crying match between the two of them, across separate rooms. In the end there was a little bit of napping, but there were still some lingering tears when I came home. It seemed the thinking among the two moms was something like, “Thank God I only have one!” and “Oh my God how am I going to survive two!”.

I can hear our moms chuckling right now, “Tell me about it!”