Winter at the Big Playground

Yesterday was Zane’s gymnastic class. He did a bit better, but still isn’t into the whole “following intricate instructions” and ends up often deferring to his “hey, that thing on the other side of the room looks fun/shiny/dangerous let’s go!” fallback. And, this will surprise you, he’s a bit cautious. Where they want the kids to jump down from one huge padded surface to another huge padded surface a few inches lower he will tend to gently step down. My thought is that he’s all about going UP wily-nily and going DOWN is best to be avoided or at least approached slowly.

After class it was approaching forty degrees outside and we decided to hit the playground. We almost didn’t because on the drive there Zane started having a fit for no obvious reason: randomly screaming and tossing things around. This is a pretty regular occurrence these days, at least once or twice a day, more on a bad day. If you don’t pay it much attention or make much of a deal out of it he’ll usually resolve it within himself. Sometimes it takes a timeout. Believe it or not you can usually say “go to your room and have a timeout” and he’ll do just that, emerging five minutes later a changed boy, ready to do/eat whatever it was he was rebelling against earlier.

Well, back to the playground. This is over by the High School and I think it’s used by some other school kids that share part of the building. We visited this earlier in 2009 and it was electrifying! For the first half hour Zane had it all to himself and most of that time we bounced on a wobbly bridge and slid down the huge slide. Later when some other kids showed up he joined them on the merry-go-around.

Here’s Zane’s preferred method of getting UP on the playground gear. After about four times of going up this way I stepped back a bit and took some pictures, before rushing back to spot him for the higher part. He’s quite meticulous in his climbing and during the whole day only had one misstep (which he recovered from without help) while trying to look over at some other kids. For the full effect of Zane’s acrobatics check out his shadow.

His biggest challenge all day was keeping his pants on. I’d forgotten this pair of sweats doesn’t really have an elastic waist band anymore, so they kept falling down during gymnastics and climbing the playground.