Wild Things

Zane’s after nap look. Yeah, gotta try to give him another haircut any day now. He reluctantly gets up from his nap around 5pm most days and probably only because he hears Curious George off in the distance (secret trick to lure him out of bed). He stumbles down the hall, tries to avoid enthusiastic dog kisses, slowly wakes up while watching the monkey, and then it’s dinner time. All very precise timing, doncha know, one false move and dinner takes twice as long.

Last night, on the drive home from “mommies” group, Zane and I practiced the alphabet and counting to twenty. He’s getting pretty good at the alphabet, although often skipping J and a few other letters, with some letters sort of sounding right but not fully fleshed out. When counting to twenty he’ll often skip fourteen. I tried to push him past twenty and he even said a few, “24 … 25.” But then he stopped, as if realizing, “hey, these sound like the other numbers merely wrapped in a new word!”

BTW, happy birthday to Zane’s cousin Chance today and his Uncle Andy (whom he’s never met) tomorrow!