Who's Bed?

Yes, perhaps I was being overly optimistic in thinking I could get Zane to take a nap in his race car bed the first time. Or to even make any transition towards using it. He was too interested in crawling off and getting new books than in trying to actually sleep on it. There were a few moments when he was laying still and hopes were high, but he must have thought, “What am I doing? no way it can be this easy!” So not only didn’t he take a nap in the car he didn’t take a nap at all, which is a bummer because all three of us could have used one.

I even tried to trick him, by slowing down and eventually stopping the book reading, pretending to fall asleep myself. He got up, slid off the car bed, went over to get a new book, and then crawled up on the rocking chair to read by himself.