Who IS this guy?

Saturday we had a birthday party invite and went together as a family, so “Dad’s Day” fell on a Sunday. It took a while to get out of the house (see all previous mentions of the NO kid) but eventually we made our way to Gile Mountain. It was a lovely day for a hike. Zane managed to make it all of the way to the fire tower without being carried and then climbed the 100 foot or so high fire tower as well (with me nervously holding his hands). Half way up the wind was so strong I stashed both of our hats. Up at the top I was thankful for the safety fence they installed some years back, but still pretty nervous and didn’t photograph Zane, which would have required backing away from him. No way. Also, I couldn’t figure out any other way of getting down than carrying him: still a nerve wracking experience even for someone who loves heights. We then hiked, or rather ran, the entire way back with a couple stops to gawk at mushrooms and pee off the side of the trail (he’s getting better at doing this).

The thing you’ll notice these days about Zane is how much he knows and can say. He regularly counts to twenty, sometimes just for the fun of it, composes long and elaborate sentences (both in words and concept), says the whole alphabet and is often singing songs and getting most of the lyrics right. Often he’ll sing a song through and then turn around and sing it again, but in a loud and boisterous voice. When we read books he’ll point out letters and sound them out phonetically, even chipping in with tips like “two O’s make an oooo sound!”

Last night Raz had another run in with a skunk just as I was putting Zane to bed. This set off all kinds of curiosity alarms and he talked about it non-stop while I was getting him ready. Faith was at a singing get-together so Zane was saying, “Mommy come home and smell house?” and “Someone will have to wash house!” while Raz was out on the deck pressed up against the door, wanting someone to love him. I opened the door a crack and let Zane get of whiff of Raz, then we went to bed and read “Big Dog Little Dog find a skunk,” with a whole new level of comprehension.