Where's the Baby?

Isn't that a little spot of pink amidst the curtains? Hmm, what if it were tickled? You should try...

Last night was a noisy night. First off you can't play hide-n-seek AND be quiet, at least in Zane's version of the game. We played a couple noisy games of that, Mom joining in on the extended upstairs version before bed. Then there's the knocking down of wood block buildings built by his parents, accompanied by much squealing. Taking a bath is never a relaxing, Calgon take me away , moment. Oh, btw, Zane's come up with a safer method of blowing bubbles in the bath: do it four inches above the water...inhaling water problem solved! And finally there's the getting-milk-into-the-baby-and-baby-to-bed stage of the evening, which usually features an intermission of heartfelt sobbing between Act I where baby sips a little milk, ends up in the crib, Dad leaves the room and Act II where Dad returns and baby drinks milk in earnest and snuggles with all his heart. Last night had the dreaded Act III where baby wakes after midnight crying his little eyes out and requires a half hour of care before he returns to normal and considers sleep.

He's been a little out of sorts lately now that his Mom is home. Or, rather, now that his Dad tries to take a night off from time to time, or even a couple hours. "Hey, I get Dad from four until nine, that's the rule!" seems to be his stance on the situation. It's that or he's just become more needy in the past week, prone to spontaneous sadness, blubberiness, and snuggling. The usual suspects are, of course: teeth, runny nose, coughing, and being new to the planet.

Lately Zane's taken on the odor of sour milk. You see, he has a new trick where he drinks a big gulp of milk and then opens his mouth to let it dribble out and down his chin and neck. He walks around with a neck halo of soggy, stinky milk. Pocket cheese production can't be far away.

Finally I wanted to point out that Zane is one of the stars in a new application I wrote for the iPhone and iPod Touch. See how many versions of Zane you can spot on the support website. The program is called MixUp and is, as my brother would say, a hoot, especially with a bunch of Zane/Baby photos. If you know anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch make sure they pick up a copy, it's only 99 cents.