Where Ya Bean (jumping)

Zane and I went to the playground after dinner last night. There was another kid there, probably around his age or a half year older, who was running around the playground set and jumping off of everything. He jumped off a four foot high platform (nicely done!) and after that his Mom said no more high jumping. “I want to fly!” he begged. “Yeah, I know you do,” she replied, “but you can’t fly.”

Of course that was all the incentive Zane needed. While he didn’t try any high elevation jumps he did do a whole bunch of two and three foot jumps. Long after the kid left he was still jumping off of everything, coercing me to join him with “Daddy and Zane jump?” He wasn’t jumping from one toadstool to the next, but instead was jumping “into” the next one. Kind of complicated. After doing it a few times he landed badly, rolled a bit, and bonked his head. No biggie, he simply changed the jumping direction, as shown in the short movie below.