Where there's a will

I’ve been meaning to mention that Zane’s developed a bit of free will in the last month. Usually it manifests when trying to feed him. He starts whacking the spoon away or scattering food on the tray. It’s not clear what’s going on, maybe he’s full, maybe he wants to be in control, or maybe he’s exploring boundaries.

We were in the grocery store the other day and I let him push the cart. He kept looking up to see if my hands were on the cart and stop to wave them away. He doesn’t really steer very well and like most grocery carts it was overdue for a wheel alignment, so I had to keep sneaking in nudges to keep us on track. The cart also requires braking from time to time, to keep Zane from running down little old ladies. It’s quite the sight: me holding the cart in place while Zane bears his full weight on trying to propel it forward.

On a completely different topic: have you ever noticed that little kids have different gravitational laws? After his bath last night and slipped into a pair of big boy pajamas (separate top and bottom, no feet!) Zane zipped down the hallway and I swear his feet barely touched the ground. He seems almost lighter than air sometimes or his little legs so powerful as to almost shoot off the surface of the earth, like an astronaut skipping on the moon.