Where the Wild Things Roam

No dump run yesterday but we had some important errands to run, including “going to the mechanic” as Zane likes to put it. It’s great fun because the Toyota shop has lots of cool mechanical type stuff to see, had a car carrying semi parked outside (which Zane grilled the guy about), and he also gets to chat up everyone. Zane’s the opposite of his old man, he’ll strike up a conversation with everyone about most anything. Usually he’s filling them in on some truck he saw, or that there was snow on our deck, or something else he’s sure they need to know. Or he starts grilling them about what things are “doooooo-ing.”

I felt pretty sorry for Raz after all of this so we detoured to a hiking area and let him roam free while Zane and I had a more casual hike. Zane insisted on holding my hand most of the way, although he did head off on his own for a little climbing part way through. The trail starts off with a really long bridge type of thing (kind of like pallets) made by the local mt. bikers along the front of the beaver dam. This whole area used to be a kind of free-for-all four wheeling and gun shooting zone, but over the past ten years they shut that down and it’s now mostly hiking and biking, with a nature area maintained by the High School. Still there’s a number of relics from the Max Max days.

Today’s bonus points: can you find the hiding 3.5 year old? He used to hide behind it, perhaps he still thinks he is?