Where is your...

Zane during a quick session of “where is your?” My favorite is the nostrils because it’s never sufficient to just POINT at them you need to DIG in with your fingers! I’m not sure if the “eyebrow” photo is when I asked where his eyebrows were or his forehead, but I figure if it’s labelled as eyebrows it’ll give my sis something to give us a hard time about.

Yesterday was a dump run and then a trip to Home Depot. Some aisles he can’t stay still and it’s impossible for me to look at prices or sizes of things since Zane is zinging off in some other direction. Other aisles you can’t get him to leave, like the doors and windows display and this display of 1×3 boards. He’d push that one board in until it was even, then walk to the other end and push it to be even on that side, then walk back and start all over again. That’s when I implement the ZRP (Zane Relocation Program), which consists of picking him up, holding on for dear life (tickling if it helps) as he wiggles and turns and tries to crawl down, while transporting him to a far enough away part of the store where he’ll get distracted and not try to work his way back.

You are probably saying to yourself, “Hey, dummy, that’s why they make shopping carts with lap belts!” But if you do that he doesn’t get any exercise and you don’t get any cute photos of him being obsessive about board placement. Always a trade-off.

It just so happens that Home Depot has a really nice playground (and Ice Cream stand) next door. We visited it afterwards and Zane spent a lot of time in the sandbox, along with a couple other little boys. Eventually they left, taking along his apparent interest in the sandbox. So we swung for a bit and then hit the big playground equipment. This is where he got lots of exercise, climbing the stairs and the scary ladder over and over again. I really didn’t think he’d make it up the scary ladder (below), but he’s persistent and proved me wrong. I started taking a video of him climbing it but was too nervous and had to go spot him. He climbed it a total of three times and didn’t slip once.

I found a way to post videos and pictures from my iPhone straight into the media gallery. This probably means fewer “production” videos (with fancy titles and transitions) but on the other hand you can visit this page anytime and probably stand a good chance of seeing new Zane videos before I get around to posting links to them here. You can click the image below to see the two videos taken yesterday.

We also went to the swimming pool after his nap. It’s an outdoor pool split into a couple major sections: laps/adults pool and a shallow kids pool. The kids pool is neat because it has fountains and water falls. The only problem is that it was also significantly colder than the other pool. Since Zane has little to no body fat we ended up doing most of our swimming in the warmer pool. He still had a blast.