When life gives you lemons...

…give them to the three year old!

I decided to bake a batch of lemon-berry scones for Zane and I. While he was off playing I started zesting the lemon peel before cutting it open to squeeze the juice. There was a sound from down the hall so I put down the zesting tool to go check on him. He had shut himself in our bedroom, climbed up on the bed and was “bouncing with the cat.” After saving the cat and shutting the door, he was walking next to me down the hall and said “Zane wants lemon?” Good nose, kid. I gave him a couple slivers of lemon zest and when I’d finished squeezing the juice out he got a whole lemon half. He wandered around nibbling it, making a bit of a face at the beginning. At one point I turned around to find him offering the lemon to the dog, who sampled it with a fleeting lick and backed away. Being a good parent I told him not to give food to the dog, and swapped his lemon half with a clean one. Zane didn’t try to give the dog any more and spent the next half hour going about the business of being a kid and eating a lemon.

The other day I picked up a learning program for the iPad that teaches words and spelling and rhyming, based on a PBS program. One part teaches kids to spell a word by picking letters from three choices. So, for example, it might show five empty spaces and the character says “Let’s spell train. Can you find the letter T?” and there will be a ‘T’ a ‘Z’ and an ‘A’ or something like that on the screen. Pick the right letter and you are rewarded with an “awesome!” or similar feedback, while wrong letters are given a “braappp” kind of sound and the character says “that’s not a T that’s an A, can you find a T?” Well, Mr. Big Brains did a GREAT job of picking the right letters at first, but then decided he liked the “braappp” sound better. So he listens for the letter they want and then picks the WRONG letters instead, laughing all the while.

I think at one point I laughed and told him to quit messing around. Now he does it on purpose and, smiling brightly, turns to me to declare “Zaney is messing around!” We always knew he’d outsmart us some day, but didn’t think it would be this week.