What's Next?

Waiting for the next distraction

I wonder from time to time what Zane’s perspective on this whole “baby thing” is. Sure, it’s all new to him, but over time does he start to anticipate certain things (beyond food)? Is he sitting there thinking, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve already seen that. Don’t you have something NEW? Something WOW?”

Zane is up to 11.6 pounds as of last night, this after a big eating day on Saturday and then a fitful night and day afterwards. In fact it sure seemed like every time I held him the only way he’d be happy was if I did so in a brand new way. “Enough with the shoulder, waaaa!!” he’d yell, and I’d flip him over sprawled face down across a forearm as if I was thinking of bowling with him.

Honest, I wasn’t…

Which leads me to my theory that the reason people have multiple kids is so the first kids can help take care of the later kids and thereby be preoccupied as well. The fight chaos with chaos school of parenting.

We often go out to our pond as the sound of the waterfall seems to sooth the savage baby. We’ll look around for frogs and I’ll try my best to get Zane to look that way. Yesterday the frog was next to the edge, about a foot away from us, so I bent down to give Zane a better look (he was face down on my forearm) and the frog didn’t spook. Zane even moved an arm out towards the frog, but since I couldn’t see his face I have no idea if it was brownian motion or true intent.

We also stood by the echinacea and let the butterflies waft around us, but Zane didn’t seem impressed.

Happy Birthday to Zane’s Grandma Phil from all of us!