Well, I think we would like a do-over on this last week or at least a chance to try a slightly better version. Zane started getting a bit of a cold early in the week and it kind of went downhill as the week progressed. By Tuesday evening we started canceling outings. He skipped play dates Tuesday and Wednesday night, pre-school on Thursday, tot-lot on Friday, and gymnastics on Saturday. A couple times during the week he had a fever, his nose was a bit boogery, a cough kicked in towards the end, and he threw up a few times. And yet most of time he was happy go-lucky Zane, with just an hour or two of sickness tossed in each day, just enough for us to say “let’s not push it.”

The odd thing about his throwing up is that it was right around a meal and after a little coughing. He never lose his appetite and once even pointed and happily said, “big mess!” Last night after a small one I got out a flashlight and convinced him to let me look down his throat. Sure enough, the tonsils on his right side are all swollen up, the same side his last molar is coming in and the same side the thermometer has been reading higher. I think what’s been happening is he’s “squirreling” away his food longer, trying to soften it so it doesn’t hurt when swallowing, and that combined with the coughed up phlegm sometimes caused a gag reflex.

So we’ll see how he feels and everything looks this morning, maybe take a trip to see the doctor.

p.s. the photo above is after getting a bath last night. I was getting ready to put him in pajamas and I swear he said, “go furnace room” so that’s just what we did. He danced around in front of the warm glow of the fire, drying off nicely. It was also much easier to put on his pajamas.

Other than that Zane’s had a great week! “:^)

Seriously, he’s been zipping around the house, running and climbing, and playing with lots of different toys. Stuff like puzzles and train tracks that he used to mostly toss around he now carefully puts together. There’s a little pre-school kids program on the iPod called Monkey Lunchbox (I know, we had him at monkey!) that has a bunch of games that he can pretty much play all by himself now. There’s a memory game with cards you flip over, two at a time, trying to match up. He’s figured that out. Another one is a puzzle where you drag pieces to the proper spot and it’s amazing to watch him tap a piece and drag it right where it should be.

It also helps us to keep him on the potty. These days we are dressing and undressing him while he sits on the potty, trying to make it a regular routine. He still hasn’t gone #2 on it, but no longer throws a fit when we take him in there. Toss in a few potty propaganda books each day and eventually something will work out.

When we read books I often ask him what the name of things in the picture are. He continues to surprise me with how much he can identify, even when they are often a rough artistic representation. Another big thing for him these days are noises. He’ll stop and listen for a bit and then say, “funny noise” or “loud noise.” And we’ll either investigate it or talk about what made it, like a passing airplane or the snow plow driving by.

Oh, and lately he doesn’t like music. He’ll still sing off and on, but boy oh boy if his dad tries singing or whistling in the morning he’s all, “No! No music daddy!” The other night we hummed Twinkle Twinkle using animal sounds and he made up a few of his own, including singing “tweet tweet tweet” as a little bird. Last night I tried for a repeat performance and he was adamant that we stop.

If it’s not the two year old’s idea, it’s not ideal.