What's Up?

Zane’s been in camp and then keeping busy with all manner of other projects and adventures. As you can see above he’s as goofy as ever, this after finding his dad’s reading glasses.

One day last week I picked him up at camp. All of the kids were wearing signs they had made, with pasted pictures and text describing what they want to be when they grow up. Zane’s had a computer picture (a terrible model “:^) ) and it said “I want to be a computer man”.

We’d been letting him use one of his Grandmother Phil’s really old laptops, which runs glacially slow, has broken keys, and doesn’t run much of anything. Faith had an old desktop computer, but no place to put it. So Saturday I picked up a new “student desk” at the store and the two of us put it together for his room.

It took him but a few minutes to get the hang of using the mouse. Mostly he’s navigating his way around the pbskids website.

Our big adventure yesterday was Zane’s first mountain biking ride. Since he still uses training wheels there’s no way he was going to be able to ride solo, but he’s been showing a lot of interest in mt. biking with me. So I hit up on the idea of pulling off the training wheels, hooking him up to Faith’s bike (it has a tow bar) and trying that out.

It took a bit for me to get used to Faith’s bike and the 80lbs or so wobbling at the end of the tow bar, but we made a go of it. We started off on kind of smooth trails but they quickly got “rooty” and then “rocky” and Zane was OK with that. He even said things like, “That was very bumpy but I liked it!” and “Very cool!” A couple times we went through a short, bumpy spot which ended up being kind of a fast downhill. Just as we’d get to the bottom he’d say “I want to stop!” and I’d stop and say tell him the section was all over and he’d say “Oh.” and then “I liked it but it was too fast.”

All in all it went really well. We went over some really crazy trails without incident. For some reason he now calls new things with the bike “unicycling”, so we’d be going over a rough patch of ground and he’d yell out, “I’m unicycling!”