What's that?

A few shots from yesterday morning before we started our big Saturday adventure. I’d made morning glory muffins earlier in the week and then whipped up a small batch of cream cheese frosting just for the morning’s breakfast.

As for the adventure; Zane set a new world record for number of times saying, “What’s that?” Probably another few months to half year before he hits the “Why?” phase. The day was our usual action packed Saturday with visits to the dump, Home Depot, Walmart, pet supply store, train yard, playground, truck stop, and then capped off with a Denny’s meal. Why Denny’s you ask? Well, in casting around for ideas (Zane saying NO to everything) that was the one word he didn’t outright reject, in fact it soon became his idea and there was no way I could let him down. So we had the very definition of a non-mommy approved meal. It was so far from having any vegetables I don’t think there were even onions involved. Chicken fried steak, eggs, cheesy hash browns, a couple strips of bacon and links of sausage topped it. I had no idea that was what I’d ordered, but apparently it was exactly what Zane had been waiting for as he started wolfing down eggs and hash browns without needing to be, well, egged on.

Here’s a self-portrait Zane took earlier in the week.