What, me sleep?

A snapshot from yesterday when Zane was “napping.” He didn’t end up falling asleep until after 3:30, which is about three hours later than when he used to nap. Woke him up at five and we headed out to the Farmer’s Market. I had the simple plan of going to get some new types of food, Samoa’s, stuff like that. Turned out there was a huge crowd with dozens of kids, many that we knew. So we wandered and nibbled food and wandered and nibbled and wandered and so on. And then as the market was winding down at seven they started setting up a live concert in the park. Turned out to be Steve Forbert so we wandered and listened and danced and wandered…

Well, that’s not totally everything. Zane tried to make a break for it a few times and we ended up going to the fire station to look at trucks and down the road to look at construction equipment as a result. He wanted to go everywhere and see everything.

He even climbed trees! I had to help him get up past the initial trunk, but once he was up in the branches he was climbing like a little monkey (with my hands as a safety net inches away). There’s a water fountain in the park, the delight of most of the kids, and we stopped there a half dozen times to splash and play.

Finally it was coming on eight. Zane didn’t want to sit still and listen to the music and then he started sucking the wrought iron fencing. I took him away from the fence and he started crying. It was time to leave. Much more crying on the way to the car and home, but once at home he settled down for a nice snack and then it was off to bed. Or so I thought. We started at quarter to nine and he didn’t really fall asleep until after eleven. The photo below was at 10:47 when he was simply sitting on his floor, unsure what to do but bound not to try sleeping. Unfortunately for all of us he woke crying at 2:30am and again at 4am, so it wasn’t a good night for anyone (except maybe Raz).

He was probably overly tired and/or someone spiked his drink/food at the market with zippy-go-crazy stuff.